Supporting our researchers effectively is essential to the university's research mission; to inspire society and the world through the discovery, application and sharing of knowledge.

研究er development frameworks

We actively encourage the development of our researchers, from NEWI to early career (ECR) and throughout their research journey. The 研究er Development Framework (RDF) identifies the different areas of expertise required and 支持s the training and development of our researchers. The University of Greenwich holds the European Commission's HR Excellence in 研究 accreditation, which shows our commitment to continuously improving researchers' working environments and 支持ing their career development.

Dedicated 支持 teams

Our aim is to 支持 our researchers' development throughout their career, continually improve the quality of our research and increase the impact it can have, be that within a research field, industry-wide or for society as a whole. Our 支持 teams help nurture and develop essential skills, identify and successfully attain funding for projects and then help completed research ideas be commercialised. Our three primary 支持 teams are listed below.

研究 & Enterprise Training Institute (RETI)

Offering advice, 支持, development and mentoring RETI helps guide researchers to develop their skills and achieve their goals.

研究 Development Services

Providing development 支持 throughout a researcher's career journey, helping researchers identify, prepare for and successfully attain research funding.

Enterprise Development Services

Building and maintaining our business collaborations, providing commercial access to our research.

GRE Systems Help and Guidance

Provides information and resources to 支持 staff and postgraduate research students to access and use systems 支持ed by GRE ( e.g. RADAR, PULSE)