Collaborations and 国际 合作伙伴关系

国际 合作伙伴关系

The University of Greenwich has been working successfully with international teaching organisations for over two decades.

The team working, the workshops, events and social activities on campus made my student life so colourful and memorable. Those are the valuable 经验s that the FPT - Greenwich Alliance brought me.

- Ta Minh Anh, FPT - BA Hons 业务 Management

FPT 教育’s mission is to provide students with globally competitive advantages and the partnership with University of Greenwich - an accredited university in the UK and globally ranked university is our way to achieve that mission.

- Dr Le Truong Tung, President - FPT 教育

The collaboration between UoG and New York College, started fifteen years ago, and has been flourishing eversince, centered around core values such as mutual respect and academic excellence. CA88网页版会员登录入口很自豪.

- Dr Elias Foutsis - NYC President

MSc Project Management (HKU Space, Hong Kong)

Find out more about the range of University of Greenwich programmes offered at our collaborative partner HKU Space in Hong Kong. Alternatively, you can contact the 国际 合作伙伴关系 team.

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